has worked tirelessly over the years supporting Judy Garland during her lifetime and preserving and promoting her legacy after her death. The Yorkshire-based organisation has grown into an international forum to celebrate the life and work of a great entertainer.

The Club has a long and fruitful history extending over fifty years. Between 1956 and 1963 the UK chapter of the North American Club (founded in September 1955) provided a focal point for Garland devotees on this side of the Atlantic. In March 1963, with Judy’s blessing and approval, the official Judy Garland Club was established with Judy as Honorary President.

The first ‘Rainbow Review’ journal was published as a key by-product of the newly formed Club in the same year. It has become the longest-running Judy Garland magazine and a primary source of invaluable archival material for many serious Garland biographers and researchers. In 2010 the Club launched a new publication: Judy Garland – a Celebration.

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