Issue six of “Judy Garland – a Celebration”

Judy Garland in Australia: Celebration & Despair – 12 days in May 1964

On the 13th and 16th of May, 1964 Judy Garland knocked Sydney for a rapturous, nostalgic six with two sell out concerts performing for 20, 000 people. Variety observed that she’d ‘won the greatest audience ovation in the history of Australia showbiz.' In honour of the 50th anniversary of Judy’s Australian tour issue 6 of ‘Judy Garland – a Celebration’ revisits this visit. No stone has been left unturned to bring the reader the full story through interviews with fans and celebrities who were there. Over 234 articles from newspaper and magazines have been reviewed, with extensive transcriptions of video and audio material. There are rare and unpublished photographs, comments and insight from Judy herself. ‘Celebration’ provides the definitive analysis of the ups and downs of Judy Garland’s visit ‘Down Under.’ It explains the context of the visit, her personal and financial circumstances at the time, her ongoing health problems and philosophy on life.

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